System Optimization Techniques for Peak SoC Performance Webinar

Sonics and JEDA Technologies have an on-demand webinar for optimizating SoC performance. The webcast, System Optimization Techniques for Peak SoC Performance, is ideal for IC, system, and SoC designers working on next-generation silicon for advanced digital entertainment and mobile devices. The presenters are Ravi Chopra (Application Engineer, Sonics) and Andrea Kroll (VP of Marketing and Business Development, JEDA Technologies).

The complexity of SoCs and the data that they process continues to increase in applications like video processing used in HDTVs and smart phones. With this ever-increasing complexity, hand optimization of the SoC is no longer sufficient or practical. Having the ability to reactively model application data and analyze the results are critical to IC and system designers to ensure their SoC meets or exceeds the performance requirements with the most efficient implementation.

Sonics, Inc. and JEDA Technologies will demonstrate specific techniques using intelligent traffic generation and performance analysis tools to offer easy tuning and system optimization to deliver the highest SoC performance at the lowest possible gate count.

More info: System Optimization Techniques for Peak SoC Performance