Unicoi Systems Fusion SIP 5.1

Unicoi Systems (Unicoi) introduced version 5.1 Fusion SIP tool for embedded systems developers. The latest version of the tool offers support for secure VoIP telephony and intercommunications equipment. Fusion SIP v5.1 provides updated support for NAT Traversal (RFC 3581) and Session Timers (RFC 4028).

Fusion SIP 5.1 features improvements to the Fusion SIP code base and provides full support for RFC 3581 and RFC 4028.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is one of the signaling protocols most commonly used in VoIP telephony and intercommunications. Session Timers is an extension of SIP, particularly important to VoIP sessions over UDP, which terminates a VoIP session when a receiving asset becomes unresponsive. NAT Traversal provides the means by which a SIP proxy server can inform a SIP client of the IP address and port number from which a message was received, thereby allowing the SIP client to provide its global contact information to other SIP clients.

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