Geensoft AUTOSAR Re-targeting Tool for AUTOSAR Builder Tool Suite

Geensoft introduced the AUTOSAR Re-targeting Tool (ART) module for the AUTOSAR Builder tool suite for the development of AUTOSAR-compliant automotive embedded systems. The ART module offers automatic generation of AUTOSAR-compliant C code that is ready to be embedded on target ECUs, from both new and legacy MATLAB/Simulink models using RTW.

Geensoft AUTOSAR Re-targeting Tool (ART) module for AUTOSAR Builder tool suite for automotive embedded systems development

The ART methodology is a two-fold process – import and generate. The importation process directly integrates MATLAB/Simulink models into AUTOSAR Builder enabling mapping between systems/sub-systems and SW-C/runnables. Once the mapping between the top level ARElements, which describe the AUTOSAR application, and MATLAB/Simulink elements is complete, the new ART module automatically generates the SW-C templates and re-targeted AUTOSAR C code ready to be embedded on target ECUs.

In conjunction with AUTOSAR Builder’s companion ASIM simulation module, which provides a validation and verification solution for AUTOSAR systems, the new ART module can be used to provide a guarantee of the correctness of the AUTOSAR architecture coming from MATLAB/Simulink, through a VFB simulation of the entire architecture. The simulation can re-use existing MATLAB/Simulink test cases imported into the ART project workspace to automatically test the functional application mapped to the AUTOSAR architecture.

The ART module is further augmented and strengthened by the new AUTOSAR Builder Tagger (AB Tagger) which brings the power of Geensoft’s market-leading Reqtify requirements engineering tool suite to the AUTOSAR environment. The AB Tagger adds requirements information to AUTOSAR XML descriptions to provide requirements traceability from any ARElement to C code and ease traceability from the input specification to the output implementation.

Geensoft also plans to support other model-based tools used for high-level automotive embedded systems design specification, including dSPACE’s TargetLink and ETAS’ ASCET.

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