Spectra DTP4500 Development, Test Platform for Software Defined Radio

PrismTech introduced the Spectra DTP4500 development and test platform for Software-Defined Radio (SDR) developers. Spectra DTP4500 is designed to enable SDR developers to work with the high performance, low-power consumption OMAP 35x processor (with both GPP and DSP CPUs), to support embedded small-form-factor wireless systems. First deliveries of Spectra DTP4500 are planned for June 2010.

Spectra DTP4500 is a wideband, high-performance baseband and RF development and test platform capable of implementing and deploying the next-generation of complex Software Communications Architecture (SCA) compliant networking waveforms required for both military and commercial SDRs. Spectra DTP4500 enables the development, testing, and deployment of waveforms and applications on one small form-factor, low power consumption, and affordable desktop system.

The entry-level Spectra DTP4500 configuration includes the Mistral OMAP 35x EVM development board, PrismTech’s benchmark-setting SCA v2.2.2-compliant Operating Environment (incorporating: Core Framework, ORB/COS, a Wind River VxWorks RTOS, device drivers, and BSPs), a Radio Services and Devices development kit, and an example SCA waveform and demo; pre-integrated, packaged, well documented, and available off-the-shelf with simple licensing and support contracts.

Spectra DTP4500 is an ideal for:

  • Waveform and application development/test teams in major radio OEMs and their end customers. Spectra DTP4500 enables both in-house and third-party development of SCA waveforms and applications for later deployment on target production radio platforms.
  • Advanced wireless communications (government and defense) laboratories conducting research in fields such as: cognitive radio, electronic warfare, and secure SDR waveforms.
  • Internal research and development (IR&D) and collaborative innovation research projects (e.g. SBIR, Eurostars) related to advanced wireless communications.
  • Academic teaching and laboratory use.
  • Independent waveform and application developers creating software IP for the SDR market.

The Spectra DTP4500 entry-level system can be seamlessly expanded in a number of significant ways:

  • Adding a high-performance, low-power consumption, full-duplex DataSoft Monsoon RF transceiver to support a frequency range of 225 MHz to 4.0 GHz
  • Adding PrismTech’s Spectra CX tool for SCA component modeling, code generation, and compliance validation (Spectra CX also supports seamless workflow integration with leading radio logic development tools, such as Agilent’s SystemVue)
  • In future releases, Spectra DTP4500 will support the emerging ‘SCA Next’ specification

More info: PrismTech