FineSim Fast Monte Carlo Analysis

Magma Design Automation introduced FineSim Fast Monte Carlo, which is a new alternative to traditional Monte Carlo analysis. FineSim Fast Monte Carlo makes it possible to achieve much more accurate statistical analysis as much as 100 times faster than traditional Monte Carlo methods. FineSim Fast Monte Carlo is available now for production use with FineSim SPICE and FineSim Pro for fast, accurate statistical circuit analysis.

FineSim Fast Monte Carlo uses proprietary dynamic error-controlled algorithms along with sophisticated statistical techniques to provide dramatic improvement in speed and accuracy compared to traditional Monte Carlo statistical analysis. It has shown as much as 100 times better runtime when compared to other commercial methods, with superior accuracy.

The algorithms in FineSim Fast Monte Carlo, coupled with Magma’s native-parallel technology, improve throughput for statistical simulations even further. FineSim Fast Monte Carlo makes statistical analysis practical for many different applications.

Designers can use FineSim Fast Monte Carlo to dramatically improve the speed of statistical analysis, enabling statistical analysis on designs that would previously have been infeasible. Fast Monte Carlo can also improve the accuracy of statistical analysis on a given number of statistical samples, providing users improved overall confidence in the analysis.

More info: Magma Design Automation