Imec and Altos Team on Chip Design and Prototyping Service

Imec and Altos Design Automation will to set up a library re-characterization service based on Altos characterization tools. imec will extend their ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) prototyping and volume fabrication service with library re-characterization, which is essential when designing in 65nm and 40nm nodes.

Imec and Altos will offer re-characterization of standard foundry or library vendor libraries including core and IO cells at different process, temperatures and/or voltages. The library re-characterization is based on Altos’ Liberatetm cell characterization product. Validation of the re-characterization will be performed using Altos’ Liberate LV library validation system.

When designing in 65nm and 40nm nodes, re-characterization of standard cell libraries is becoming increasingly necessary in order to get the delay, timing constraints, switching power, leakage and noise for all the corners needed for accurate design signoff. Standard design libraries offered by foundries or library vendors are characterized for certain conditions but the de-rating factors do not apply to all temperatures and voltages. To guarantee first time right designs, library re-characterization becomes essential for 65nm and 40nm technologies.

Imec has offered an ASIC prototyping, fabrication, testing and packaging service for more than 20 years. The imec ASIC service provides European fables companies access to TSMC technologies through imec’s emerging business program. In addition, European universities and R&D centers can prototype or fabricate their ASICs at reduced cost via the Europractice IC service supported by the European Commission.

More info: Altos Design Automation | Imec