Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer with SmartDRD Technology

Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer now features SmartDRD design-rules-driven technology. SmartDRD technology enables layout engineers to more quickly achieve design-rule-check (DRC) clean designs with significantly reduced effort for analog and custom designs. SmartDRD automates many DRC repair tasks. Until now, custom layout has been primarily handled using manual methods. With SmartDRD technology, layout engineers can identify and fix DRC violations in just seconds.

Custom Designer SmartDRD technology helps engineers achieve faster final physical verification and quicker time-to-tapeout. It includes:

  • DRDAutoFix
    Designed to automatically correct DRC violations. Developed around an interactive and incremental use model, DRDAutoFix allows the layout engineer to specify an area of a design for repair. DRDAutoFix automatically modifies that area of the design while keeping track of the design rules and their interrelationships to bring the design into rule compliance.
  • DRDVisual
    Designed to graphically show correct DRC spacing for wires and objects in real-time. Driven from the design rules in the OpenAccess technology file, DRDVisual provides dynamic highlighting that guides the engineer towards correct manual placement.

DRDAutoFix and DRDVisual are available now in the 2009.12 release of Custom Designer.

SmartDRD was architected to reduce a substantial bottleneck in layout implementation. Until now, layout engineers have had to remember and accommodate all design rules without negatively impacting schedules. SmartDRD technology is designed to assist layout engineers during manual placement and routing by automatically bringing an edited design into rule compliance.

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