High-Frequency Design Success Seminars

AWR announced the High-Frequency Design Success seminar tour for the Asia-Pacific region. The seminars feature application-specific presentations such as radar systems design, wireless communication system design, and RF board design and flow. The seminars will be presented by AWR Korea with partners Rohde & Schwarz (China) and ACE Solution (Taiwan).

AWR Seminars Dates and Locations

  • Beijing: Monday, March 15
  • Shanghai: Tuesday, March 16
  • Xi’an: Wednesday, March 17
  • Chengdu: Thursday, March 18
  • Shenzhen: Friday, March 19
  • Taipei: Tuesday, April 6
  • Hsinchu: Wednesday, April 7
  • Seoul: Tuesday, April 27

High-Frequency Design Success Seminar Topics

  • Radar Design using Visual System Simulator
  • Wireless Communication Design using Visual System Simulator
  • Trends in RF EDA
  • RF Board Design Flow

More info: AWR High-Frequency Design Success Asia-Pacific Seminars