Synopsys System Studio with Matrix and Vector Data-Type Support

Synopsys introduced new capabilities for their System Studio C/C++ model-based analysis and simulation environment. System Studio now supports matrix and vector data-type, which reduces the coding and debugging effort necessary to author signal processing simulation models. In addition, System Studio integrates highly efficient parallelized matrix and vector function libraries optimized for multicore systems. The function libraries speed up simulation performance by up to eight times (8x).

Availability of type-generic matrix and vector data types, plus dedicated functions and operators, increases designer efficiency when authoring a simulation model of these standards. This efficiency is achieved by reducing the necessary number of lines of code by 10 to 100x compared to describing it with generic ANSI-C data types. At the same time, the complexity of these standards requires the highest simulation performance, as unaccelerated single simulation runs easily take hours or even days to complete.

The new matrix and vector data types, operators and functions are accompanied by a model library, which is included with System Studio at no extra cost. The model library includes performance-optimized implementations of widely used functions such as linear algebra operations, matrix multiplication, FFT, singular value decomposition and eigenvalue computation. 2D and 3D visualization also allows intuitive representation of matrix data.

Synopsys System Studio featuring multicore matrix and vector data-type support is available immediately. Existing licensees can receive it as a regular maintenance update.

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