Nangate 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary

Nangate has released the 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary. It supports the existing 45nm Open Cell Library that has become a standard for university research programs and in EDA and fabless organizations since it was first released in 2008. The 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary helps designers explore extra design performance gains before implementing with a foundry specific MegaLibrary on their production process node.

MegaLibrary is a standard-cell library containing a very large set of fine-grained cell variants that enable the digital logic of an IP core or SoC design to operate with higher performance than with the traditional standard-cell library approach. This is done through the application of library sub-setting, deployed using Nangate Design Optimizer (NDO), integrating seamlessly with existing EDA design flows from synthesis through to back-end place and route.

A special release of Nangate Design Optimizer that includes the Synopsys Design Compiler interface module is now available. The full release version of NDO interfaces with all the major EDA flows at synthesis and place & route stages and can be purchased to allow designs to be optimized using commercially available MegaLibrary releases already developed for major foundry production processes.

The 45nm Open Cell MegaLibrary, designed to be used only through Nangate Design Optimizer, can be downloaded free of charge after successful registration. It will enable digital designers to easily and rapidly discover the many possible design performance improvements that library sub-setting enables in terms of speed, power or area or a combination thereof, ahead of making the final production decisions on process and foundry.

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