Real Intent Meridian Clock Domain Crossing Verification Software 3.0

Real Intent released Version 3.0 of Meridian Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) verification software. Meridian CDC is a precise and comprehensive CDC solution. It uses a multi-strategy analysis approach that includes Automatic Clock Intent Analysis, Formal Analysis, Hierarchical Analysis, and Dynamic Analysis (SimPortal). Meridian CDC 3.0 is available now.

Real Intent Meridian Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) verification software

Meridian CDC 3.0 Features

  • New check categories, related to reset uncertainty, reset propagation, pseudo constants, and encapsulation, offer more comprehensive analysis than previous version
  • Enhanced automatic environment setup offers the easiest and most flexible environment setup and precise analysis
  • Frequency-independent formal analysis delivers confidence in CDC verification under all frequency range
  • Enhanced debugging capabilities simplify debugging
  • Automatic hierarchical shell model support enables seamless hierarchical top-down and bottom-up verification flows
  • Design constraints generation supports timing constraints verification for complete timing closure verification

More info: Real Intent