Embed-X Embedded Application Lifecycle Management Solution

LDRA and Visure Solutions introduced Embed-X, which is an end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) solution for embedded systems. Embed-X combines product requirements, business objectives, and metrics in a uniform actionable perspective. Embed-X also offers full certification support for critical development standards in the avionics, defense, automotive and medical markets. Embed-X makes the entire development process visible and its assets tangible. Embed-X will reduce development and certification costs.

Embed-X end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) system for the embedded systems

Embed-X Highlights

  • Reduces development costs by up to 50%
  • Shortens time to market and streamlines production management
  • Customizes ALM solutions built from ground up
    • User Defines Embedded Process Workflow Model to meet project and technical objectives
    • Most tool chains and target platforms supported
  • Distributes scalable solutions that work wherever your team resides
  • Provides open framework for Agile and V-Model Development
    • Empowers Embedded Developers through Requirements, Design, Coding, Analysis,SCM, Change Control, Builds, Testing and Documentation
  • Manages lifecycle traceability relationships (LTX)
    • The only ALM solution to provide complete certification support
    • Seamless cutover to full production baseline
  • All stakeholders have personalised workspaces and visibility across entire project
  • Support for DO-178C projects built in

More info: Visure Solutions | LDRA