CoWare System Centric Analysis for Platform Architect, Virtual Platform

The 2010.1 release of CoWare Platform Architect and CoWare Virtual Platform features system-centric analysis. The system-centric analysis offers non-intrusive data collection, Eclipse-based visualization, and meaningful system metrics. Early users of the system-centric analysis have reported identifying and addressing design issues in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. The 2010.1 Release of CoWare Platform Architect, CoWare Virtual Platform, and the CoWare Model Library are available now.

CoWare Platform Architect and CoWare Virtual Platform with system-centric analysis

The system-centric analysis works seamlessly within the standards-based SystemC simulation environment of CoWare Platform Architect and CoWare Virtual Platform and is supported by the CoWare Model Library.

System Centric Analysis Highlights

  • Open APIs for easy model instrumentation, based on SystemC standards
  • Non-intrusive, automatic insertion of monitors for run-time data collection
  • Run-time data reduction for efficient storage of statistical analysis
  • Hierarchical database enabling fast, responsive display of TLM tracing and analysis
  • Graphical chart views for multi-level visualization of tracing and analysis
  • User-controllable filtering and display of graphical information and results
  • Convenient Tcl scripting APIs for simulation control and creation of custom views
  • Allows inspection and correlation of the state and history of software running on multiple cores, the respective processes on those cores and their interaction with the platform hardware
  • Analysis views include cache analysis, function tracing, and coverage and supports OS awareness
  • Enables protocol-aware transaction-level tracing, bus path analysis (count, latency, throughput) across and inside the entire interconnect structure, bus and memory resource utilization and contention, and application task graph resource utilization and contention

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