JEDA Intelligent Traffic Profile Generator

JEDA Technologies introduced the Intelligent Traffic-profile Generator (ITG). JEDA ITG is a dynamic traffic profile generator for ESL model verification. For advanced multi-core designs, ITG addresses the need for early architecture exploration when software or a particular device model is not available yet. JEDA ITG is available for Windows and Linux.

Intelligent Traffic-profile Generator helps architects obtain system exploration results earlier. JEDA ITG not only addresses certain master and slave model availability issues, but also enable system architects to explore architectures without waiting for running software.

Intelligent Traffic-profile Generator Highlights

  • SystemC based
  • Generates application- and architecture-specific transaction level traffic
  • Provides dynamic reactivity to system feedback, such as interrupts, configuration interfaces or system status information
  • Supports transaction level interfaces such as TLM2.0 LT and AT, OCP-TL1 and AXI as well as user defined interfaces
  • Comes with traffic templates mimicking targeted devices
  • ITG templates can be calibrated with various parameters, like bandwidth, frequency or mega instructions per second (MIPS)

More info: JEDA Technologies