Mentor Graphics FloTHERM IC for Thermal Characterization

Mentor Graphics introduced the FloTHERM IC productivity tool for thermal characterization and design. The FloTHERM IC solution is deployed as a web-based platform that delivers a high level of automation to the design tasks associated with full-spectrum thermal characterization and validation. FloTHERM IC makes it convenient for experts and non-experts to access the technology online, quickly build a model from the libraries and test their performance. As a result, thermal experts can focus on solving difficult semiconductor packaging thermal problems and mission-critical issues instead of fulfilling routine requests.

Mentor Graphics FloTHERM IC Highlights

  • Full-spectrum thermal metric and compact model generation with full adherence to published JEDEC standards
  • Package-aware parametric design for what-if analysis
  • EDA tool interfacing for detailed modeling of BGA substrates for physical layout
  • Data mining of simulation data to enable optimized design time and reuse

The FloTHERM IC tool dramatically reduces the time spent on thermal characterization and design by providing an automated process that includes pre-verified thermal models to reduce the risk of modeling errors. The tool can also achieve reductions of up to 25% in the time usually needed for customer-specific characterizations.

The FloTHERM IC tool is based on proven Mentor Graphics technologies: the FloTHERM computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, used to simulate airflow, temperature and heat transfer in electronic systems, and the FloTHERM PACK Smart Parts modeling tool.

The FloTHERM IC’s wizard-based user interface is simple to use, designed for both the core thermal team and field engineers. Supported fully by an intuitive and flexible library and database infrastructure, the software enables a complete range of JEDEC thermal metrics and compact models to be generated easily and efficiently.

More info: Mentor Graphics FloTHERM IC