Introducing CodePeer Webinar

AdaCore is offering a webinar about the CodePeer source code analyzer. The webcast, Introducing CodePeer, will describe and demo some of the features of CodePeer and allow attendees to ask questions directly to the designers of the tool. The online event will take place Tuesday, March 9th.

The Introducing CodePeer webinar will take place Tuesday, March 9, 2010 5:00 pm Central European Standard Time (8:00 am Pacific Standard Time | 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time).

CodePeer is a source code analyzer that detects run-time and logic errors in Ada programs. Serving as an efficient and accurate code reviewer – in effect an expert assistant. CodePeer identifies constructs that are likely to lead to run-time errors such as buffer overflows, and it flags legal but suspect code typical of logic errors. Going well beyond the capabilities of typical static analysis tools, CodePeer also produces a detailed analysis of each subprogram, including pre- and postconditions.

More info: Apache Design Solutions Introducing CodePeer Webcast