KLA-Tencor PROLITH X3.1 Virtual Lithography Tool

PROLITH X3.1, from KLA-Tencor, is a comprehensive toolset that addresses advanced lithography challenges. PROLITH X3.1 virtual lithography tool helps researchers quickly and cost-effectively troubleshoot challenging issues in EUV and double patterning lithography (DPL) processes, including line edge roughness (LER) and patterning issues associated with wafer topography. With PROLITH X3.1, lithographers can streamline research, conserve valuable lithography cell resources, and accelerate product development.

KLA-Tencor PROLITH X3.1 Virtual Lithography Tool for EUV and Double Patterning Lithography

PROLITH X3.1 Features

  • The first commercially available stochastic model that takes into account the quantum behavior of light and the discrete reactant molecules in the resist, helping researchers to:
    • Accurately model LER with a run time of a few minutes, making it practical to study the impact of various process conditions on LER in a real fab
    • Investigate pattern printing repeatability and study the impact on yield
    • Predict line and contact hole CD uniformity
    • Determine the usable process window
    • Examine how different resist reactant loading levels affect printing (e.g., process windows, CD control, defect levels), allowing material manufacturers to explore resist formulations at significantly reduced cost
  • The first commercially available photoelectron model that simulates the outcome of EUV lithography processes
  • Intuitive wafer topography set-up and improved wafer topography models that allow for fast, easy evaluation of double and single patterning non-planar lithography stacks, and next-generation non-planar devices like FinFETs
  • Database of over 60 high-accuracy, calibrated resist models, available for immediate use
  • Intuitive interface that runs on a 32-bit PC, capable of providing fast, accurate lithography models without the need for computer upgrades or supercomputers
  • Available as an upgrade to the industry-leading PROLITH platform, providing extendibility to protect researchers’ existing capital investments

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