Mentor Embedded Inflexion User Interface for OMAP36x-III MDP

Mentor Graphics introduced the Mentor Embedded Inflexion User Interface (UI) for rapid customization and differentiation of Android-based devices built using the Zoom OMAP36x-III mobile development platform (MDP). The Zoom OMAP36x-III MDP features the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP3630 processor. The Inflexion UI is available on Android. It is ideal the Zoom OMAP36x-III MDP and TI’s OMAP processor-based eBook development platform.

The Zoom OMAP36x-III MDP is a feature-rich, portable handheld platform that provides innovative hardware and software (including support for OpenGL ES graphics acceleration) for the rapid development of mobile devices. Mentor Graphics offers an Android solution that provides an integrated OEM-customizable 2D/3D platform. The combined products provide embedded developers of Android devices with the ability to quickly develop and manage multiple user-interfaces and create dynamic graphics, animation and 3D effects, in order to meet the innovative product needs demanded by today’s consumers.

When used within the TI’s eBook development, eBook manufacturers have the ability to quickly and easily customize graphical user interfaces to enhance the functionality of an eBook device. With the support of color screens and new configurations, eBook manufacturers will look for ways to simplify and enhance the user experience through the use advance UIs.

More info: Mentor Graphics Embedded Software