DebugLive Online Debugging Environment

DebugLive is a Web-based environment for debugging Windows application code and production applications. DebugLive complements existing tools with online debugging, problem-solving, collaboration, and remote debugging capabilities via a Web-based service (SaaS). DebugLive allows support and application engineers to jointly debug an application and share resources (dumps, screenshot, messages, etc) in a “virtual room” in real time.

DebugLive enables developers to debug anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Advanced features like live notification, message pumps and a command schedule let users act upon program conditions in real time, perform diagnostics, collect and upload performance data, respond to a situation, and collaborate with others, regardless of where they are located.

DebugLive supports Windows 32-bit applications, including managed debugging, using the Son of Strike (SOS) debugging extension, to diagnose abnormal conditions and explore the data structures of .NET. Future versions of DebugLive will support 64-bit Windows applications and other operating environments, such as the MacOS and Linux. The DebugLive client supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Plug-ins (library tools) can extend the capabilities DebugLive to support third-party tools and applications.

Large enterprises can select the DebugLive Onsite perpetual site license, which deploys the DebugLive Server and DebugLive Client on the corporate network. Small-to-midsize companies can access the DebugLive Public Server over the Web with a DebugLive ticket. DebugLive also offers a utility pricing model, where you pay as you go. This is ideal for consultants and individual engineers.

More information: DebugLive