UK Embedded Systems Masterclass 2010

The UK Embedded Masterclass will take place May 6th and 11th, 2010 in Cambridge and Reading. The events will consist of half-day embedded systems technology workshops, a tabletop exhibition, and presentations. Embedded Masterclass 2010 is free to attend for embedded systems engineers and technology managers. The half-day workshops are £95 + VAT.

Workshops at Embedded Masterclass will range from an introduction to using Embedded Linux in embedded systems to developing high performance embedded systems using symmetrical multi-processing (SMP). Presentations will include an exploration of the latest in debugging technologies and the development of mission critical systems.

Embedded Systems Workshops

  • An Introduction to Hardware Interfacing and Device Driver Development
    The workshop is intended to help engineers understand how software interfaces with typical embedded system hardware and to understand the purpose, structure and typical components of a device driver.

  • An Introduction to Developing with Embedded Linux
    The course presents embedded concepts applied to Linux, using an ARM development board as the target (ConnectCore Wi-9C Digi JumpStart Kit for Linux). The host development system will be a standard PC running desktop Linux. The target is an example of a simple embedded system which can control hardware via a simple digital I/O interface.

  • Migrating to an SMP Platform (Symmetric Multiprocessing)
    This workshop will introduce engineers to the process of migrating an application running in UP (single-core) mode to run in SMP (symmetric multi-processing) mode, taking advantage of the multiple cores to gain an increase in performance. Attendees will use Wind River’s Workbench to work through the process of migrating an application from UP to SMP

  • Understanding The Fundamentals of Device Driver Development
    The workshop introduces the fundamental principles of interfacing with hardware in an embedded system, including an overview of device drivers. It discusses essential practical techniques along with traps for the unwary and how to avoid them. The aim of the session is to de-mystify what can be considered a black art for those who have little or no experience of hardware interfacing. It includes demonstrations on an embedded target system.

  • Applying Time Triggered Architectures in Mainstream Embedded Systems
    The workshop will explain why TT architectures can be (and should be) used more widely. Numerous examples of the use of TT architectures will be presented, and engineers will have a chance to try out various TT system designs (and compare them with event triggered alternatives).

  • A Guide to Selling and Marketing Technology
    This workshop will be an introduction to the concepts of effective marketing and selling. Marketing and Selling is not rocket science, but it is so often misunderstood. What’s more — how well it is understood is usually the difference between commercial success or failure, regardless of the capability and promise of a technology.

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