VeriSilicon ZSP Models for Carbon SoC Designer Virtual Platform

Carbon Design Systems and VeriSilicon have integrated VeriSilicon’s ZSP models into the Carbon SoC Designer virtual platform. VeriSilicon processors enable users to perform implementation-accurate architectural analysis and pre-silicon firmware development. The VeriSilicon ZSP integration is available now from Carbon Design Systems.

The integration links software models for the ZSP5XX and ZSP8XX series processors and debuggers directly into the SoC Designer virtual platform environment. Integrated models can take advantage of all of SoC Designer’s system analysis and debug capabilities. Debug of hardware and software is synchronized to enable engineers to set breakpoints in any part of the system and immediately see the impact of hardware or software changes on the entire system.

SoC designs are getting increasingly complex and system developers benefit by using a system-level modeling framework like Carbon’s SoC Designer virtual platform. ZSP Digital Signal Processor cores for SoC Designer enables engineers to start the firmware development process much earlier in the design cycle and debug with full system visibility.

More information: VeriSilicon | Carbon Design Systems