Bluespec Pipelined Architecture Composers Library

The Bluespec Pipelined Architecture Composers library (PAClib) is a parameterized, plug-and-play building block library for specifying, modeling, and synthesizing algorithm and datapath designs. PAClib is available in source-code form, making it fully extensible and modifiable for developers. PAClib consists of a set of standard pipeline building blocks, user parameterized by computational functions, structures, buffering and data types.

The Bluespec Pipelined Architecture Composers library offers 100% transparency and control of architectures. PAClib enables the rapid creation of a single algorithm specification that can generate many different micro-architectures for rapid architectural exploration. Correct control-logic is automatically generated for each micro-architecture.

PAClib can be seamlessly integrated and mix-and-matched with high-level complex control. Designs of any size and complexity can be specified, and considerations such as memory accesses and data movement can be easily and efficiently incorporated in the same design.

Though C/C++/SystemC approaches can get to initial RTL quickly, meeting price, performance and power specifications can be a significant challenge. Achieving good quality of results often requires a ‘long tail’ of effort, including the extensive massage of both source code and constraints in non-transparent and tool-specific ways, which can further limit portability and maintainability. In contrast, because hardware designers get the same transparency and control of architecture to which they are accustomed, the PAClib library enables predictable, consistent and rapid achievement of design specifications.

More information: Bluespec