Tensilica ConnX Atlas Reference Architecture for Long-Term Evolution

Tensilica announced the ConnX Atlas LTE (Long-Term Evolution) reference platform. ConnX Atlas LTE is a heterogeneous seven-core reference architecture for a complete multi-standard programmable radio for advanced mobile devices. Atlas is designed to support the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) LTE standard and other complementary standards such as HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access), in a single platform. General availability of the platform will occur in early 2011.

With ConnX Atlas LTE, no additional hardwired hardware blocks are required, even for the computationally complex turbo decoder at 154 Mbps downstream data rates. The reference architecture is designed to accelerate the SOC design process, giving engineers a huge time-to-market advantage. Tensilica is engaging now with a small group of Early Access Partners for Atlas platform development.

The ConnX Atlas LTE reference architecture is designed to be a launching point for Tensilica licensees who are designing their own software-programmable or hybrid hardware/software modems. ConnX Atlas brings the power of advanced DSP (digital signal processing) programmability to create a new radio platform or evolve an existing hardwired mobile terminal radio design.

The ConnX Atlas reference architecture consists of the definitions of the seven constituent cores and optimized software libraries to support the key computational kernels of the LTE standard. The new ConnX BBE16 DSP core is a key building block of the Atlas platform. Also included in the Atlas reference architecture are the ConnX Soft Stream Processor, ConnX Turbo16 turbo decoder, and the ConnX Bit Stream Processor.

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