LDRA and Visure Embedded Application Lifecycle Management Solution

LDRA and Visure Solutions developed an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution for embedded systems. With the size of complex software applications doubling annually, cost is rapidly increasing, jeopardizing project budgets, and creating delivery overruns. The integrated ALM solution can reduce embedded software development costs by up to 50%.

The jointly developed application lifecycle management solution will be the first to help companies accomplish embedded software engineering objectives by integrating project management, requirements management, architecture, coding, software configuration management testing and documentation. This ALM tool automates and enforces processes between the stages of development, manage relationships between assets produced by the software development project, and offer transparency and metrics through reports on development as it progresses.

These strengths are aimed at avoiding the consequences outlined in recent news stories which reported that Toyota and Volvo have recalled vehicles due to software failures, while software-intensive projects in aerospace and defense overrun budgets and schedule by a factor of two and deliver only 60% of the expected functionality. Such poor results stem from a number of design challenges that this ALM product is designed to prevent:

  • Failure to track requirements through design, analysis and into testing stages, resulting in 85% of all software errors and a lack of transparency and metrics
  • Organizational isolation prevents software developers from discussing system integration issues with mechanical or electronic engineers; requirements repositories are separate from most development and verification activities
  • Most ALM project tools are geared for IT implementations and fail to support many of the critical objectives of embedded application project

Such failures in process represent a high risk of defective applications being deployed or of significant cost overrun since correction of software defects identified in later lifecycle stages have resulted in a cost multiplier of 900 times.

More information: LDRA | Visure Solutions