RapiTime C++ Beta Program

Rapita Systems is launching a beta program for RapiTime’s support of C++. Developers of avionic software written in C++ will be able to use RapiTime’s on-target profiling capabilities to measure execution times, track code coverage, and find worst-case execution times (WCET) for applications.

Rapita Systems RapiTime C++

Rapita Systems is providing a limited number of projects with the opportunity to get early access to the new technology via a beta program. The program provides beta users the opportunity to perform an in-depth evaluation of RapiTime without licence fees during the beta period. C++ is becoming increasingly important in the avionics community.

RapiTime has supported a number of avionic programs using the C and Ada languages. It is now augmenting language support to include C++. The full product release featuring C++ support will take place at the start of the fourth quarter of this year. However, early access to these capabilities is available through the beta program.

More information: Rapita Systems