Fundamentals of Embedded Test Webinar

Tektronix is offering an On Demand webinar about the Fundamentals of Embedded Test. The 40-minute, comprehensive webcast will offer insight on what to look for, where the ‘gotchas’ lie, and how and where signal interaction and crosstalk can throw the system off. The online seminar will cover the basics of testing embedding systems. It is presented by John Ziegler, Director of Engineering, octoScope.

Fundamentals of Embedded Test Webinar Highlights

  • Serial and parallel communications buses, and how to efficiently validate bus operation
  • Power systems and common problems to watch for
  • Critical signal layout guidelines to avoid signal integrity issues
  • Available test tools to efficiently debug today’s complex embedded systems

The basic principles of embedded system design and test haven’t changed much over the years, but the signals, clocking rates, software overhead and overall system complexity certainly have. The course will look at serial and parallel communications buses and how to set up and use the latest features incorporated into today’s test equipment, to perform full trigger and event data acquisition and analysis to help find and eliminate even the most elusive of system bugs. The webcast is ideal for Design Engineers.

More information: Fundamentals of Embedded Test Webinar