SEMATECH Knowledge Series Conferences 2010

The 2010 SEMATECH Knowledge Series (SKS) conferences will focus on difficult questions in lithography, advanced technologies, manufacturing, and strategy. Included are a new set of meetings on installed-base equipment utilization, and a new interconnect workshop in stress management for 3D chips utilizing through-silicon vias (TSVs). All SKS meetings are open to the public.

SEMATECH Knowledge Series Events

SEMATECH Litho Forum – 2010
10-12 May 2010; New York, New York

SEMATECH Maskless Lithography and Multibeam Mask Writer Workshop
10 May 2010; New York, New York

SEMATECH Advanced Mask Cleaning Workshop
September 2010 (exact date TBD); Monterey, California

2010 International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
17-20 October 2010; Kobe, Japan

2010 International Symposium on Lithography Extensions
21-22 October 2010; Kobe, Japan

SEMATECH Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference
22-24 March 2010; Austin, Texas

SEMATECH Workshop on Stress Management for 3D ICs Using Through Silicon Vias
16 March 2010; Albany, New York

SEMATECH Workshop on Metrology for 3D Interconnect
July 2010 (exact date TBD); San Francisco, California

ISMI Manufacturing Weeks
31 October-4 November 2010; Austin, Texas
6-10 September 2010; Hsinchu, Taiwan
13-15 September 2010; Tokyo, Japan

ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness
3-4 November 2010; Austin, Texas

28-30 April 2010; Sicily, Italy
31 October-3 November 2010, Austin Texas
Joint Symposium of e-Manufacturing & Design Collaboration – TBD

ISMI Installed-base Equipment Series – 2010
Thermal Equipment Workshop – 23 March 2010; Austin, Texas
Implant Equipment Workshop – 20 April 2010; Boston, Massachusetts

ISMI Next Generation Factory e-Manufacturing Workshops
Summer Workshop – 15 July 2010; San Francisco, California
Winter Workshop – 30 November 2010; Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

7 September 2010; Hsinchu, Taiwan
15 September 2010; Tokyo, Japan

International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Conferences
14 July 2010; San Francisco, California
3 December 2010; Makuhari Messe, Makuhari, Japan

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