Practical Methodologies for Power-Signal Integrity DesignCon Workshop

Apache Design Solutions announced a workshop at DesignCon 2010 to facilitate industry-wide discussion on the challenges, methodologies, and techniques required for chip-package-systems (CPS) convergence. The workshop, entitled “Practical Methodologies for Power/Signal Integrity of Chip-Package-Board Designs,” will be held from 9am to noon on Thursday, February 4th in the Santa Clara Convention Center.

In the workshop, representatives from semiconductor and system design companies will discuss power and signal integrity challenges across the global system. They will share their insights on techniques and practical methods the industry is using to address the CPS requirements and what vendors can do to develop and deliver solutions that meet their needs. The workshop will drive an open forum for semiconductor and system companies to exchange ideas and information that will help define the contents of future technologies for chip and package modeling and system level verification for power and signal integrity.

Apache Design is offering a free Exhibits PLUS pass to DesignCon to workshop attendees. Enter PROMO Code EXHAPA on the Registration page to receive a free pass. Exhibit Plus Pass allows entry to the exhibition, keynote addresses, technical panels, business forum sessions, and more.

More information: Practical Methodologies for Power/Signal Integrity of Chip-Package-Board Designs