WEBENCH Power Architect Tool for Designing Power Supplies

National Semiconductor launched WEBENCH Power Architect. The design tool enables engineers to rapidly create, model and implement multiple-output, high-performance DC-DC power supplies for an entire system. System designers can use WEBENCH Power Architect to instantly optimize multiple power supplies across several performance parameters including topology, intermediate voltage rails, footprint, efficiency, component count, and bill of materials (BOM) cost.

WEBENCH Power Architect Highlights

  • System input sources (Vin) from 1V – 100V
  • Up-to-20 system loads (Vout) from 0.6V – 300V
  • Power per load up to 300W
  • System efficiency greater than 90 percent
  • Per-supply footprints from 14 mm by 14 mm

When engineers finish “dialing-in” their preference for footprint, system BOM cost and power efficiency, National’s WEBENCH Power Architect’s graphical analysis capability instantly identifies major sources of power dissipation, cost and footprint area. It enables the user to edit individual power supplies and loads to further model and optimize the overall system for thermal and electrical performance design goals.

When the design is complete, the tool generates a system summary report including schematics, BOMs and electrical operating values. Multiple international distributors provide pricing and the WEBENCH “Build It!” feature offers complete BOM prototype kits with overnight shipping.

Using WEBENCH Power Architect’s library of 21,000 components from 110 manufacturers, designers have a wide range of system alternatives for creating large scale complex systems.

More information: National Semiconductor