DiSTI Announces GL Studio 4.1 Toolkit

DiSTI rolled out GL Studio Version 4.1. The latest release will increase the user’s ability to create high fidelity HMI content and reduce the entire production timeline. GL Studio was originally released in 2000 as the first toolkit of its kind to apply the power of object-oriented C++ code generation to graphical interface application development. A decade later, GL Studio is now a highly regarded tool for the rapid development of high fidelity graphical interfaces. GL Studio 4.1 is available now.

GL Studio 4.1 increases fidelity and image quality while still vastly decreasing the necessary time needed to develop any project. Each added feature to GL Studio 4.1 was specifically designed and implemented to ensure that every user saves time and money.

GL Studio 4.1 reduces the time required to generate interactive 2D panel images from photographs with the original Photoshop file importer. The importer preserves Photoshop layering and ensures a smooth transition of any file from Photoshop to GL Studio.

GL Studio users now have the ability to seamlessly integrate animated schematic diagrams with speed and direction properties into a GL Studio project with the all new Animated Schematics Plug-In. In addition, tracking and analyzing attribute definitions is now available with GL Studio 4.1, due to the User Defined Attribute Dictionary. Finally, creating design interface documents which cohesively combine this Dictionary can be completed through the new Document Generator.

More info: DiSTI