SynaptiCAD 64-Bit Verilog Extreme Simulator

SynaptiCAD launched a 64-bit Linux version of VeriLogger Extreme, which is a Verilog simulation and debug environment. VeriLogger Extreme is available on Linux, Solaris, and MS Windows. A 64-bit Windows version will be released in the near future. A perpetual license sells for $4000 on Windows. Leasing options are also available, as well as a free, design-size limited version for student and classroom usage.

The 64-bit VeriLogger Extreme simulator runs 30% faster than the 32-bit version. It can simulate much larger designs (64-bit Linux applications can use a system’s full memory, unlike 32bit applications which are limited to 3GB of memory). The 32bit and 64bit simulators are bundled together in a single package and can be downloaded.

The VeriLogger Extreme simulators come with a graphical debugging environment called BugHunter Pro that will automatically launch VeriLogger Extreme in 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the type of operating system that you are running. BugHunter supports all major HDL simulators and has the ability to launch the simulator, provide single step debugging, unit-level test bench generation, streaming of waveform data, project management, and a hierarchy tree. The unit-level test bench generation is unique in that it lets the user draw stimulus waveforms and then generates the stimulus model and wrapper code and launches the code. It is one of the fastest ways to test a model and make sure that everything is working correctly. The debugger also has exceptional support for VCD waveform files.

For a limited time, SynaptiCAD will be giving away free 6 month licenses for VeriLogger Extreme. Free licenses will be available for both Linux and Windows versions of the simulator. Unlike the lower cost simulators typically provided with FPGA tools, SynaptiCAD’s simulator is being distributed without any code that slows down the simulator when run on larger designs, making it run over 10x faster than the competition on larger simulation runs.

More info: SynaptiCAD