Synopsys PrimeTime 2009.12 Multicore Signoff Tool

Synopsys introduced PrimeTime 2009.12 static timing and signal integrity (SI) analysis tool. The latest version of PrimeTime features threaded multicore processing and speeds timing signoff by 2x. Synopsys’ PrimeTime 2009.12 tool enables design teams to achieve optimal runtime performance across heterogeneous multicore compute environments by utilizing distributed and threaded multicore processing in tandem.

Synopsys PrimeTime static timing and signal integrity analysis tool is a key signoff component of the Galaxy Implementation Platform.

Synopsys PrimeTime Highlights

  • Threaded multicore capability boosts runtime efficiency on a multicore compute server, delivering up to a 2X speed up utilizing just 4 cores
  • Distributed multicore capability can divide very large designs across a compute farm enabling the use of more readily available smaller compute servers
  • Distributed multi-scenario analysis (DMSA) enables designers to perform timing analysis and ECO fixing simultaneously across multiple scenarios on multiple compute servers, thereby significantly reducing design iterations and overall turnaround time

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