XJTAG XTR Series Boundary Scan Test System

XJTAG introduced the XJTAG XTR series boundary scan solution. The XJTAG XTR series offers improvements in functionality and usability. The new boundary scan system makies debugging, testing and programming electronic printed circuit boards and systems more efficient. XJTAG XTR features multiple Test Access Ports (TAPs), configurable TAP voltage and voltage measurement, flexible pin mapping and GPIO on pins.

XJTAG XJTAG XTR series boundary scan solution

The XJTAG XTR series supports multiple JTAG chains — with up to four Test Access Port (TAP) connections available to a target board. Also available with the new series is the ability to measure up to 18 different voltages. This is an important addition as modern boards often feature numerous supply rails, so the ability to measure their different voltages, before and during JTAG testing, is extremely useful for ensuring stable circuit operation.

The XTR series also features the only JTAG interface that can accurately measure clock signal frequencies. It measures frequencies with an accuracy of 10 ppm up to 200 MHz. This is particularly useful when clock sources are present on a target board.

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