Measurement Computing USB-2001-TC Thermocouple Device

Measurement Computing Corporation announced the USB-2001-TC thermocouple device for OEM applications. The USB-2001-TC is the third thermocouple device in OS-independent DAQFlex line of products designed for the DAQFlex protocol. The USB-2001-TC unit is 0.8 high by 1.5 wide by 2.5 inches long. It has a captive 2 meter-long USB cable attached to one end and a socket on the other end for receiving industry-standard thermocouple miniplugs. The USB-2001-TC gets power from the host PC via the USB cable, and requires no external supply.

USB-2001-TC DAQFlex thermocouple device for OEM applications - Measurement Computing Corporation

What is the USB-2001-TC?
The USB-2001-TC is a single-channel, 20-bit, thermocouple data acquisition device for measuring temperatures over the ranges defined by NIST J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B thermocouple types. It has a 250 ms conversion time, and features integrated cold junction compensation. The USB-2001-TC supports both Windows and Linux operating systems, and provides open thermocouple detection. The USB-2001-TC is for embedded applications that require reliable temperature measurements at an affordable price point.

How much does the USB-2001-TC thermocouple device cost?
The USB-2001-TC sells for $99. It includes a CD with example programs and installation software for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Compatible thermocouples are available for $29.

What’s so special about the DAQFlex protocol?
The DAQFlex protocol simplifies driver and application development, because all DAQ operations are programmed through a common command interface comprising a consistent, extensible firmware interface and an open-source, cross-platform API. DAQFlex products use a new OS-independent protocol that allows DAQ devices to be programmed with simple text-based messages. It combines small form-factor, bus-powered USB hardware, and a light and agile software framework that can be ported to multiple operating systems.

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