CoWare-Tensilica Processor Support Package for Multi-Core Designs

CoWare and Tensilica teamed together to further enhance the integration of Tensilica’s processor models into the CoWare tools to support CoWare’s advanced functionality to ease software development on multi-core Tensilica-based SOC (system-on-chip) designs. The enhanced solution is being used by joint CoWare-Tensilica customers in automotive, consumer, and wireless markets. Tensilica Xtensa and Diamond Standard PSPs are available immediately from CoWare as part of the CoWare Model Library.

CoWare-Tensilica Processor Support Package Highlights

  • Enhanced debug visibility combining CoWare Virtual Platform Analyzer with Tensilica’s software debugger
  • Reproducibility and predictability through a full scripting environment
  • High-speed simulation performance for the Tensilica subsystem thanks to the TurboXim mode of Tensilica’s ISS models
  • Multi-core software development solution through debug synchronization and debug and analysis visibility across all cores in the system

The joint CoWare-Tensilica Processor Support Package (PSP) solution has been actively used by customers worldwide to explore the best architecture for a given application combining the versatility of the Tensilica cores with the architecture design solution from CoWare. Based on customer demand, this joint solution has been significantly enhanced to address the increased software development challenges of today’s multi-core designs. The unique combination of features, targeting the architect as well as the software developer, enables the joint solution to be used throughout the design process starting from the definition phase, then the development phase through to the deployment phase.

CoWare virtual platforms are the virtualized representation of an electronic system used for the purpose of software development. It removes the dependency on the availability of expensive hardware prototypes and development test benches and provides cost-effective software development capabilities for debugging and analysis.

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