CEVA Embedded Processors Webinar

CEVA will host a webinar on January 12, 2010 at 8:00 am Pacific (11:00 am Eastern / 16:00 GMT). The title of the webcast is: Optimize your Software Development Flow — An intelligent C-level development process for modern embedded processors. Overview: In the online seminar, CEVA will explore the latest challenges in software development for advanced embedded architectures and propose a practical flow to meet target performance with minimal risk and shortest development time.

CEVA Embedded Webinar Topics

  • Review of key trends in modern processor architectures targeting advanced wireless baseband and multimedia standards
  • Main pitfalls in the development process of embedded software
  • How to efficiently utilize your software development environment to achieve higher performance at lower cost
  • How to implement an optimized purely C-based software development flow for embedded architectures

In order to address the intensive computation requirements of advanced wireless baseband or multimedia standards, embedded processors are becoming highly parallel and complex. This directly affects the effort involved in programming such processors, and consequently the development of embedded software poses the greatest challenge in the embedded development cycle.

Efficient utilization of the capabilities offered by the processor architecture is the main test in software development. If not correctly performed, utilization of the architecture resources can result in a long optimization process, significantly affecting the overall project schedule and increasing associated development risks.

The session should be attended by anyone involved in software development for embedded architectures.

More info: Optimize your Software Development Flow Webinar