IAR KickStart Kit for NXP LPC1114 Microcontroller

IAR Systems introduced the IAR KickStart kit for NXP LPC1114. The IAR KickStart Kit includes a development board fitted with the LPC1114 microcontroller, an 8K KickStart edition of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, and a 20-state evaluation edition of IAR visualSTATE. IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1114 is priced at $139 (€ 100). According to IAR Systems, this might be the world’s first commercial starter kit for ARM Cortex-M0-based microcontrollers.

IAR KickStart kit for NXP LPC1114 microcontrollers

IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1114 contains all the necessary hardware and software for engineers to quickly design, develop, integrate, and test Cortex-M0 applications. The NXP LPC111x family of devices are low-cost 32-bit MCUs designed for 8/16-bit applications and offer good performance, low power consumption, a simple instruction set, and memory addressing together with small code size.

The board also provides debug support through IAR J-Link-OB, a standard JTAG connector or a small SWD connector. The board is powered via the USB interface, removing the need for any external power supply. It also provides some user configurable devices such as a small LCD, buttons and LEDs, analog trim wheel, buzzer and a prototyping area. In addition, the UART pins are routed to a DB9 connector.

IAR J-Link-OB is a small board mounted JTAG/SWD debug interface that connects via USB to the PC host running Windows. It integrates into IAR Embedded Workbench and is fully plug-and-play compatible.

More info: IAR Systems