CEVA Application Optimizer for C-based Development of DSP Cores

CEVA launched the Application Optimizer, which is an integrated optimizing toolchain that enables an end-to-end, fully C-based development flow for licensable DSP cores. Available as part of the CEVA-Toolbox Software Development Environment, the Application Optimizer enables application developers to easily develop software for CEVA’s DSPs purely in C-Level, eliminating any hand-written assembly coding. This results in significantly better overall performance and a shorter design cycle for SoC designs.

CEVA Application Optimizer C-based development flow for licensable DSP cores

CEVA Application Optimizer Elements

  • Project build optimizer
    • Builds, simulates, and profiles multiple application scenarios
    • Matches customer exact application and system conditions
    • Creates ready-to-use near optimal project configuration(s) Based on pure C-code without having to use hand-written assembly
    • Achieves near optimal results in C-level
    • The entire process is fully automatic
  • Smooth algorithm migration
    • Connectivity with external tools enables smooth algorithm migration
    • As an example, MATLAB can be connected to CEVA Debugger allowing parts of the code to run on MATLAB and parts on the Debugger
  • DSP and Communication Libraries
    • C-callable assembly optimized functions target the DSP architecture
    • Native part of compilers standard libraries
    • Can be automatically utilized by the compiler
    • Enables near optimal performance using verified off-the-shelf code
  • Application profiler
    • Cycle accurate C-level application and memory profiler
    • Takes into considerations full memory subsystem
  • Scoring based compilation
    • Multiple iterative compilation levels for cycle count and code size
    • The compiler automatically checks and selects the best option based on speed/size scoring
  • Post linker optimizer
    • Linker level optimizations take into account a global view of the application
    • Resolves cases that cannot be optimized at compile time
    • Achieves significant reduction of application code size
  • Test automation
    • CEVA-Toolbox graphic operations can be recorded into scripts
    • Enables automatic generation of full test suite
    • Control of full IDE environment with standard Perl script

With the growing complexity of designing a modern SoC architecture, the burden of embedded software development poses the greatest challenge for IC vendors. The effort involved in writing and optimizing software for a given multifaceted system architecture has become the largest bottleneck in the design cycle. The Application Optimizer toolchain along with a number of other key elements in the CEVA-Toolbox Development Environment shifts the software design flow to pure C-level and reduces the burden of architecture-specific know-how traditionally required by application developers.

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