OriginLab Origin 8.1 Analysis and Graphing Software

OriginLab rolled out Origin 8.1, which is a Windows-based analysis and graphing software. Origin 8.1 is dieal for scientists, engineers, researchers, and analysts who need to graph, analyze, and make professional presentations of the data. One of the most significant additions to Origin 8.1 is the batch processing feature. Origin users can now automate repetitive data-handling by simply creating a custom analysis template, and then using the batch processing tool to apply that template to a group of files. The tool then generates a summary report using settings saved in the template.

New Origin 8.1 Features

  • Batch Processing of Multiple Files or Datasets with Summary Report
  • Batch Peak Analysis (OriginPro)
  • Slide Show of Graphs and Favorites Folder in Project Explorer with Support for Shortcuts
  • Export Multiple Graphs to PowerPoint
  • Password Protection of Origin Projects and Audit Log on Project Saving
  • New Ternary Contour Plot, Weibull Plot, Windrose Plot, and Multi-Axes Plotting Tool
  • Data Reduction Tools, and Data Rearrangement Tools including Pivot Table
  • Signal Decimation, Rise and Fall Time Analysis, Signal Envelopes (OriginPro)
  • X Error Bars Support for Linear Regression (OriginPro)
  • Custom Menu Configuration and Support for User-Defined LabTalk Script Functions

New graph types have been introduced in Origin 8.1, including Ternary Contour, Windrose, and Probability Plots. In addition, there is a new tool for making multiple axis plots.

The analysis capabilities have been extended in this version with the introduction of new tools for data reduction, pivot tables, signal decimation, signal envelopes, rise and fall time analysis, X-error bar support for linear regression, and computation of surface area for matrix-data and XYZ data.

Origin 8.1 includes password protection of Origin projects, plus the ability to maintain an audit log of user-name and time-stamp when a project is saved. The new features allow Origin users to follow security measures required for submitting Origin projects to government agencies.

Organizing projects is now easier in 8.1, with a new Favorites folder to keep frequently visited graphs and windows, customizable menus, and the ability to add shortcuts to any Origin window within Project Explorer.

More info: OriginLab