ZeroG Wireless TWR-ZGWIFI Development Kit for Freescale Tower System

ZeroG Wireless introduced the TWR-ZGWIFI development kit for the Freescale Semiconductor Tower System. The TWR-ZGWIFI kit expands the connectivity capabilities of the Tower System, a development and prototyping platform from Freescale. The ZeroG Wireless embedded Wi-Fi module is optimized for applications with lower data rates, lower power consumption, and low system resource requirements. The kit simplifies system design.

The TWR-ZGWIFI development kit includes the Wi-Fi board with the ZeroG ZG2101 Wi-Fi I/O module and antenna. The kit also includes an instructional DVD, sample applications, and software drivers to quickly integrate it into the Tower System. The jointly developed system offers seamless integration with Freescale’s MQX operating system and requires minimal additional system resources to implement the ZeroG solution. Customers can transition to an FCC-approved Wi-Fi module much easier, lowering the overall cost, and can run sample applications using the kit in under a few hours.

The TWR-ZGWIFI is available now for a suggested retail price of $59 (USD).

More info: ZeroG Wireless