Viosoft Android Adoption Kit for MIPS Digital Multimedia Designs

Viosoft launched the Android Adoption Kit for MIPS-Based digital multimedia designs. The Android Adoption Kit includes Sigma Designs’ Vantage 8654 Development Platform, the Viosoft Arriba IDE/Debugger, access to the latest Android on MIPS and Linux source code from the MIPSAndroid community portal, and online support from Viosoft. The Android Adoption Kit is available now and is priced at $995 (US). For the first 100 customers, Viosoft will discount the full purchase price toward the purchase of the Viosoft Arriba Embedded Linux Edition, or the Android Porting Kit for professional users.

The Android Adoption Kit is designed for non-commercial use and includes everything necessary for individuals and organizations to rapidly explore and experiment with Android software development and deployment on MIPS-Based platforms.

Utilizing Sigma Designs’ high-performance SMP8654 Secure Media Processor, the Vantage 8654 Development Platform supports an HDMI output, two USB 2.0 host ports, two Ethernet ports, and two smartcard interfaces. An optional tuner add-on board supports an ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S or DVB-S2 tuner. A significant value-add to the Android Adoption Kit is the Viosoft Arriba IDE/Debugger, which provides a comprehensive integration and debug environment for the Vantage 8654.

Viosoft Arriba IDE/Debugger Features

  • Source-aware, multi-language debugger (supports MIPS assembly, C/C++, and Java/Dalvik)
  • Support for kernel and user-mode debugging through a single channel of connectivity
  • Support for multi-process and multi-thread debugging
  • Support for Linux shared library and loadable module debugging

The visibility and non-intrusiveness of the Arriba environment gives users an insightful understanding into the inner working of Android Java applications, middleware frameworks and associated libraries, the Dalvik virtual machine, and even the Linux kernel.

More info: MIPS Technologies | Viosoft