Evatronix Technical Seminars at IP-ESC 2009

Evatronix is offering a day full of free technical seminars on December 2nd. The seminars will be held at IP-ESC 2009 (IP-Embedded Systems Conference). Their seminar topics include SuperSpeed USB 3.0, choosing NAND flash, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 IP verification, USB 3.0 mass dtorage spplication, and NAND Flash memories status. Evatronix will also showcase their USB 3.0 Device Controller in their booth.

Evatronix Seminars at IP-ESC 2009

  • The New Kid on the USBlock – Introduction to the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Technology
    A 30-minute technical seminar, all about the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to find out for yourself what’s behind the recently most discussed technology.
    Time: 10.00 AM, Dec. 2nd

  • USB 3.0 Brought to the Masses – How to Build a USB 3.0 Mass Storage Application
    In this seminar we will discuss key benefits and techniques of developing a USB Mass Storage application based on a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 peripheral controller. We will point out the main requirements for the USB 3.0-based application to reach its maximum performance.
    Time: 10.30 AM, Dec. 2nd

  • Choosing NAND Flash based storage for your next project
    This presentation is to discuss solid state storage in embedded applications using SD, e-MMC and bare NAND Flash as an example. We will present the hardware and software aspects of system development.
    Time: 12.30 PM, Dec. 2nd

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 IP verification – where the marketing slogans end
    This seminar will treat about five directions an SoC designer may take while building a verification environment for his application. The OCP infrastructure, RTL/TLM models, multi-layer verification environment, coverage driven verification as well as the use of formal methods for verification closure will be covered.
    Time: 1.00 PM, Dec. 2nd

  • NAND Flash memories – current status and the future. Brought to you by Samsung Semiconductor
    Our partner Samsung Semiconductor NAND Flash memories division will present the current situation in the NAND Flash market, as well as give an insight look into the future of this technology. Our partner will also show the their latest achievements and show the roadmap for each of the Samsung NAND Flash products.
    Time: 2.00 PM, Dec. 2nd

More info: Evatronix IP-ESC Technical Seminars