Arriba for Android Porting Kit for the MIPS

MIPS Technologies introduced the Arriba for Android Porting Kit (APK) for the MIPS architecture. With the Arriba APK, OEMs can quickly tailor and optimize Android for specific platforms. The Arriba APK is available now. The Arriba APK includes the first year of development tool maintenance, along with 60 days of support from Viosoft. Viosoft’s Arriba tools support single and multi-core platforms, providing support for any MIPS-based Android target. All MIPS processors are supported, from MIPS architecture licensees’ designs to MIPS’ complete offering of licensable cores including the 1004K coherent processing system.

The Arriba APK is designed to help software developers and ODMs/OEMs overcome programming challenges and bring new Android-based products to market. It includes:

  • A complete cross development environment and a reference Linux kernel distribution to help developers prepare their platforms for Android-readiness
  • A port of Android to selected embedded platforms that the developers can use as a working reference, or a starting point that can be refined toward their final design
  • The Arriba debugger, which provides visibility into all layers of a running Android system to help developers pinpoint difficult bugs in C/C++ middleware or even kernel drivers
    • The Arriba debugger does not require any kernel patches or instrumented code — enabling it to work on applications already deployed to the field
    • Unlike the original ADK, which can only debug Java application code, the Arriba debugger supports debugging Java code all the way down to the Linux kernel: true “top to bottom” debug
  • The APK includes five MIPS System Navigator EJTAG probes to support hardware bring-up, Linux kernel debug and low-level Android debug
    • The Arriba debugger can also connect to the target system via an Ethernet, USB or serial port
    • The EJTAG probes include a one year warranty
  • To help ensure success, the Arriba APK include 60 days of Android porting support. This is intensive hands-on support, helping to ensure that you get Android successfully ported to your hardware

The Arriba APK is a fully-integrated set of tools that enables and speeds porting of Android to MIPS-based platforms. From hardware bring-up through final product deployment, it provides visibility into code development that extends the capabilities provided by the Android SDK. The Arriba APK leverages Viosoft’s Arriba Linux debug and profiling technologies along with MIPS Technologies’ System Navigator EJTAG probe technology to provide complete source-aware run and debug control of the platform under development. It features a comprehensive set of plug-in modules that offer insight into the Android software stack, including the Android System Level Event Analyzer.

More info: Viosoft | MIPS Technologies