Sunstone Circuits PCB123 v3.3 Circuit Board Design Software

Sunstone Circuits (Sunstone) released version 3.3 of PCB123, which is a circuit board design solution for the electronics design industry. PCB123 v3.3 includes additional design capabilities for PCB designers. PCB123 v3.3 supports a seamless design flow to design and assembly services. The PCB design software can convert any file on the layout side from previous versions of PCB123, enabling designers to retain previous design work while taking care of real-time ordering available in v3.3. PCB123 is available for free.

PCB123 v3.3 Enhancements

  • PCB 123 v2 users can now convert any layout design files into PCB v3.3
  • Full customization via the new PCB 123 Software Development Kit
  • Dynamic bill of materials (BOM) generated and updated as the user designs
  • Real-Time quotes for board fabrication and parts
  • Order both boards and parts direct from the new and improved PCB123 interface
  • More fabrication options and services

PCB123 v3.3 is part of the Sunstone ECOsystem Design Environment, which consolidates and improves the PCB prototyping process for designers from concept-to-delivery. The ECOsystem integrates the four discrete segments of PCB prototyping:

  • Knowledge – PCB designer expertise
  • Tools – design packages and software such as PCB123 v3.3
  • Libraries and Parts – sourcing and tracking of PCB components
  • Fabrication – manufacturing capability and expertise

With PCB123 v3.3 and this ECOsystem, designers can produce working prototypes in shorter times, fewer turns, and with better access to PCB manufacturing services. Designers benefit from lower costs, fewer pain points, and an improved CAD software.

More info: Sunstone Circuits PCB123