Mentor Graphics Android Development System for TI OMAP35x Processors

Mentor Graphics introduced the Android Development System for the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP35x processors based on ARM Cortex-A8 technology. Engineers working on OMAP35x processor-based designs can leverage the Mentor Graphics version of the Android application framework to deploy Android-based applications. The Mentor Graphics solution for Android is ideal for OMAP35x developers designing medical, communication, industrial, instrumentation, home security, and digital video applications.

Developers can leverage TI’s OMAP35x evaluation module to harness the solution’s most advanced features, performance, and functionality available for their Android-based embedded designs.

The Mentor Android Development System is also ready for use with the popular BeagleBoard from Based on the OMAP3530 processor, customers and developers can also run Android on a small, low-cost board that provides the functionality of a basic computer used for open source development. With the new Android platform, embedded developers gain power savings, performance optimization, reduced system cost and reduced risk in developing their embedded products.

More info: Mentor Graphics