Celsius for Wave-Me NFC Mobile Application Development Platform

INSIDE Contactless and Mobile Distillery introduced the Celsius for Wave-Me NFC mobile application development platform. A beta release Celsius NFC for Wave-me for selected partners is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2010. The Celsius for Wave-Me license will be free for the development stage of any project, and will be updated to include new NFC phones and additional NFC stickers and add-ons as they become available, offering the widest and deepest access to NFC functionality.

INSIDE Contactless and Mobile Distillery intend to boost the development of NFC applications for the Wave-Me NFC services platform by making it easier for software makers to write applications once and deploy them across a broad range of NFC-enabled handsets.

The new NFC mobile application development platform combines Mobile Distillery’s Celsius mobile application production framework with INSIDE Contactless’ Wave-Me Service Engine, a key component of the Wave-Me NFC services platform, an end-to-end solution mobile carriers and third-party service providers can use to give subscribers easy access to a broad range of NFC consumer services and applications through their handsets. Celsius for Wave-Me will also include deeply integrated connectivity to INSIDE’s market-leading MicroRead NFC chip and software, enabling NFC mobile applications to be optimized for performance with access to advanced proprietary features of the NFC chip.

Celsius for Wave-Me will help overcome a major hurdle facing mobile network operators who want to begin providing easy access to services but who are reluctant to wait until the deployment of NFC-enabled handsets fully ramps up. Celsius for Wave-Me allows developers to use its patented Parametric Development feature to automatically adapt their source code at compilation time to create applications that can read either QR Code (visual 2-D bar code tags) or traditional NFC tags, depending on the capabilities of the target handset.

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