Designer Must-Haves for Next-Generation Embedded Designs Webinar

MIPS Technologies and Sonics will host a webinar that will illustrate how designers can effectively tune and optimize their wireless SoCs for superior performance, power, price, and system flexibility. The webcast will discuss the key on-chip ‘must-haves’ that are vital to high-performance, power-aware wireless designs. The online event will take plae on Thursday, November 19th, 2009, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The event is titled The Evolution of Wireless SoCs: Designer ‘Must-Haves’ for Next-Generation Embedded Designs.

The market for wireless communications has exploded over the last 5-7 years, as key features such as real-time streaming audio/video as well as increased power efficiencies are not only expected, but demanded by savvy consumers. The wireless space has never been more critical, complex and intricate for today’s SoC designers-as they attempt to navigate through the maze of new protocols and market changes-especially in the 3G/4G, WiMAX, base station and femtocell segments. How do SoC designers keep pace with this high-growth, saturated market and stay competitive with wireless communication designs?

The webinar will explain what wireless semiconductor suppliers need to know regarding today’s SoC designs and how this rapid technology evolution will impact next-generation roadmaps.

Presenters Mark Throndson, MIPS Technologies Director of Product Marketing, and Frank Ferro, Sonics Director of Business Development, will discuss how SoC designers can stay competitive with wireless communications designs.

More info: The Evolution of Wireless SoCs: Designer ‘Must-Haves’ for Next-Generation Embedded Designs