Artisan Software Tools Acquires Extessy

Artisan Software Tools has acquired Extessy, which is a supplier of development tools and services for system requirements, co-simulation, integration, and test. Extessy’s tools and services complement Artisan’s existing model-based solutions for mission, safety, and life-critical complex systems development. They add important capabilities in terms of system requirements interchange and management, co-simulation and test automation.

The merger combines Extessy’s operating business including all products and underlying intellectual property, professional services and expertise with Artisan’s existing German operations. The product portfolio includes the EXERPT requirements interchange and management platform based on the RIF Requirements Interchange Format, the EXITE co-simulation platform and EXACT automated test and validation platform. The sizeable professional services practice focuses on system engineering process consulting, tool customization, training and product support.

Extessy was founded in 2000 as a provider of software tools and consulting services for embedded system development, deriving the bulk of its business from the German automotive industry. The combined companies will significantly expand Artisan’s operations in Germany. All of the Extessy team will join Artisan, extending Artisan’s knowledge within the key automotive industry, bolstering its professional services capability and extending its global reach. As a direct result, Artisan will be moving its German headquarters from Munich to Extessy’s Wolfsburg offices, while still retaining a regional presence in Munich.

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