CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ v4.4 Embedded Development Tool Suite

CodeSourcery released Sourcery G++ 4.4 for ARM, ColdFire, IA32, MIPS, Power Architecture, and SuperH processors. The fall release of Sourcery G++ improves performance across all supported platforms with several new compiler optimizations. A number of new features in the Sourcery G++ IDE make it easier for embedded developers to build and debug their applications. These features include a tool for transferring executables to GNU/Linux target systems, a terminal emulator, integration with the CVS version-control system, support for batch-mode project builds from the command line, and the Mylyn task-focused interface.

CodeSourcery has developed performance-enhancing features on specific targets: Sourcery G++ for ARM contains improved instruction scheduling for Thumb-2 code and improved vectorization of NEON code, Sourcery G++ for ColdFire GNU/Linux now supports the Native POSIX Threads Library, and Sourcery G++ for IA32 now contains optimizations for the Intel Atom processor family. On bare metal targets, this release introduces CSLIBC, a high-performance, small-footprint C library.

For bare metal development, Sourcery G++ 4.4 includes the next generation of CodeSourcery’s Board Builder, a tool that automatically generates linker scripts, debug configuration files, and start-up code based on a board’s memory map. CodeSourcery has also added a QEMU-based instruction set simulator and profiling support to Sourcery G++ for MIPS ELF, and peripheral register browsing for STM32 and Stellaris boards for Sourcery G++ for ARM EABI.

Sourcery G++ 4.4 also adds support for the ARM Cortex-A5 processor, Freescale’s MCF5441x and MCF445x microprocessors, and the MIPS32 1004K multi-threaded multiprocessor core.

Sourcery G++ contains enhanced versions of popular open-source tools, including an integrated development environment based on Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT 6.0), C/C++ compilers (GCC 4.4.1), an assembler and linker (Binutils 2.19), runtime libraries, and a source- and assembly-level debugger (GDB 6.8.50). Sourcery G++ runs on GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows hosts and targets bare metal, RTOS, uClinux, GNU/Linux or Windows systems. Sourcery G++ Professional Edition customers receive unlimited technical support from CodeSourcery’s expert engineers.

More info: CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ Fall 2009 Release