Synopsys Electronic Design Automation Interoperability Forum

The 22nd electronic design automation (EDA) Interoperability Forum will take place Thursday, November 5th in Santa Clara, California from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Sun Conference Center at Agnews Historic Park. The Forum is open to all who wish to attend at no cost. Lunch and a light breakfast are included. The event is recommended for EDA tool developers, IC design engineers, and IP providers to discuss the industry-critical topics of interoperability and standards.

The keynote speaker of the EDA Interoperability Forum is Subodh Bapat, vice president, energy efficiency and distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems. Bapat will discuss the topic of “Groovy Green Computing: Battling the Mushrooming Use of Power.” The Forum, with this year’s theme of “Peace, Love and Interoperability,” will also feature the most recent advances in these key EDA standards: Liberty Library Modeling, IEEE Standard 1801 for Low Power, and the HapsTrak standard for prototyping board connectors.

EDA Interoperability Sessions

  • The Interoperable Process Design Kit (PDK) Libraries Alliance
    Demonstration by key IPL Alliance members showing a single 90nm generic interoperable PDK supporting multiple vendor tools and flows including schematic capture, simulation, layout editing, physical verification and extraction
  • System-Level Design
    Hear the latest developments in SystemC TLM-2.0 through the experiences of JEDA Technologies, Carbon Design Systems and Tensilica
  • VMM Verification Methodology
    Presentations from key VMM Catalyst program members on new features in VMM for verification planning and VIP, verification of low power designs, rapid testbench development and more. Attendees will receive a copy of the Doulos Golden Reference Guide for VMM.

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